Pavel Milyakov (aka Buttechno)
Infra, trailer

Trailer of Infra, an audio-visual piece by Pavel Milyakov (aka Buttechno).

Infra is the title of the unreleased audio-visual piece by Moscovite sound artist and producer Pavel Milyakov (aka Buttechno). Commissioned by Open?, the 2020 Russian Federation Pavilion, this work represents Pavel’s attempt to capture what slips through the nets of perception by means of sounds and moving images.

Recalibrating the focus of his research beyond the urban suburbs of his origins, in the past years his artistic exploration has become more clearly experimental in nature, blending different formal languages (music, but also drawings and visuals) to capture the vanishing impressions that emanate from remote, post-industrial, outer urban environments. Here, far from the city, is where Pavel discovers an unusual type of beauty and a form of urban escapism that becomes the main source of inspiration for his work.

Infra positions itself within this line of research, under the rubric of “landscape music”. The audio-visual piece tries to create the impression of a landscape through sonic images – a physical environment is represented through sounds, and visuals in turn contribute to back up the descriptive power of music.

Echoing the movies featured in Other Zones, the notion of liminality is central to Pavel’s piece – liminality between languages; between urban and outer urban areas; between the indeterminate time of nostalgia, and a hopefully leap towards a future that has yet to come; between the space occupied by the artist-as-an-observer and his surroundings; between the specificity of the non-urban environment that inspires his research and the suspended, non-specific nature of the sonic landscape that emerge from his work.

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