Feel My Metaverse, Keiken+George Jasper Stone, 2019
Online film programme / Into the Sandbox / God Mode

Feel My Metaverse, Keiken+George Jasper Stone

Built in a gaming engine, Feel My Metaverse is a CGI film set in a future where the climate crisis has rendered the Earth uninhabitable. Corporation Alipay promptly disseminated life units. Inside these life units, humans live in a Metaverse of virtual worlds; worlds that feel as real as the earth.

To survive in these virtual worlds, humans must earn points to keep their base bodies alive. Analysing contemporary belief systems, the film deconstructs our understanding of reality and demonstrates that we can create our own future through the stories we collectively believe in. It contemplates how individuals can be required to trust, suffer and live in realities that rely on their oppression.

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