Launching the podcast series
Open Mic / Work & Social Distancing

Illustrations by Martin Groch

In response to the postponement of the Biennale Architettura 2020 due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the Russian Federation Pavilion will launch the online podcast series “Open Mic”, with the aim to kick-start a dialogue on the functions and values of (cultural) institutions.
Open!, the Russian Federation’s contribution to this year’s Biennale, aims to function as a testing ground to question and re-think the public meaning of institutions, and to experiment with possible modes of coexistence.

Within this long-term trajectory, which the Pavilion is determined to pursue also in the upcoming years, the online podcast series “Open Mic” will be freely accessible to everyone on starting from April. The first contributions, titled “Work & Social Distancing”, will focus on how this global pandemic has affected our understanding and expectations of governments, companies, institutions and individuals – their roles and actions, their network of relationships and the array of symbols and aesthetics they draw on.

Inviting a diverse range of voices representing the multiple institutional facets of the Biennale — from commissioners to curators, from architects and designers to the interns and security personnel working in the Giardini — the Russian Pavilion’s website will become a platform to critically reflect on how the virus outbreak has shaped the meaning of this year’s Biennale central theme: “How will we live together?”.

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