Exile Exotic
Sasha Litvintseva in conversation with Vladimir Nadein

Sasha and Vladimir talk about how Exile Exotic, which was shot 5 years ago, has gained new relevance today, in light of the current pandemic. "We are all in some kind of exile, travelling only vicariously."

Film director Sasha Litvintseva talks about her movie Exile Exotic (2015) together with Vladimir Nadein, co-founder and director of MIEFF (Moscow International Experimental Film Festival). Exile Exotic is the first movie featured in “Other Zones”, the program of bi-weekly online screenings curated by Vladimir Nadein for the 2020 Russian Federation Pavilion.

Sasha Litvintseva

Sasha Litvintseva is an artist filmmaker and writer researcher, whose work is situated on the uncertain thresholds of the perceptible and the communicable, organism and environment, and entropy and quantification, at the intersection of media, ecology and the history of science.

She is currently working on a long-term collaborative project with Beny Wagner. Her work has been exhibited worldwide including solo presentations at Institute of Contemporary Art, London; Berlinische Galerie, Modern Art Museum Berlin; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Union Docs, New York; screenings including at the Berlinale, Rotterdam, Courtisane, Cinema Du Reel, RIDM, Ann Arbor, Alchemy film festivals; and group presentations at MUMOK Vienna, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Sonic Acts, Berlin Atonal and the Videobrasil, Moscow Young Art and Wroclaw Media Art biennales, among many others. Sasha is a lecturer in Film Theory and Practice at Queen Mary University of London and holds a PhD in Media, Communications and Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths. Her academic writing has appeared in special issues of Environmental Humanities and Transformations journals, and numerous book volumes.

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