Other Zones
Vladimir Nadein & Ekaterina Selenkina in conversation with the curatorial team

Vladimir Nadein & Ekaterina Selenkina with the curatorial team of Open?

Five months after the first movie screening, Vladimir Nadein (co-founder and director of MIEFF — Moscow International Experimental Film Festival) and Ekaterina Selenkina (filmmaker and co-curator of MIEFF educational project) talk about Other Zones, the online program of movie screenings of the Russian Federation pavilion. The curatorial team joins the conversation to discuss how a program of movie screenings fits into a Biennale of architecture; how the pandemic has affected the selection of movies; and how “zones of otherness” can provide a fertile ground to build institutions that challenge traditional paradigms.

«This year, the Russian pavilion is focusing on the role and possibilities of cultural institutions in times of crisis… It was important for us to also stage what kind of new models are out there, not just to talk about them. That’s one of the reasons why we wanted to collaborate with MIEFF, an autonomous independent institution focused on cultural production through moving images.»
Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli

«The online migration of the program definitely influenced the selection of movies. It also unleashed some sort of…softness, of trust…It opened up a zone that was perhaps safer, less regulated than the physical space. It also created a bond between us – myself, sitting at my dacha; and you in Italy.»
Vladimir Nadein

«Both architecture and moving images are about the haptic experience of moving through space. And as this is specific to the program that Vova created. The films were very effective at giving a complex insight into humans as embedded subjects. Or in other words, subjects that are born into a certain landscape and therefore very influenced by it.. but that are also influencing those landscapes back.»
Ekaterina Selenkina

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