Call for Applications

Open — the Russian Federation Pavilion at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, together with the MARCH School of Architecture and the Scream School, invites interdisciplinary teams to participate in ArchiJam, a game jam at the intersection of video games and architecture.

Open is a multifaceted project that explores the public role and social relevance of cultural institutions in times of global crisis. One of the project’s dimensions investigates the blurring edge between physical and digital spaces and focuses on the digital gaming environments as quintessential social environments and as testing ground to experiment with more empathetic and meaningful forms of alliances and kinships. The Pavilion mobilizes the expertise of a diverse cohort of scholars and cultural practitioners to address the topic of “digital gaming environments” from multitude perspectives, including philosophy, architecture and sociology.

With the ArchiJam, we strive to broaden the cohort of voices and invite designers and thinkers to join this research and use video games as a medium to address the question posed by the curator of the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, Hashim Sarkis: How will we live together?

ArchiJam builds on a tradition of game jams that stands on the pillars of intensive collaborative work within a short time constraint and experimentation with the tools and meanings. With no ties to a particular geography and skill set of participants, we hope that ArchiJam will contribute to the interdisciplinary cohesion of architects and game designers in Russia and beyond.

The game jam will last for 7 days — from 9 to 16 July and will be held in two formats simultaneously — online and offline at the MARCH School of Architecture. Due to epidemiological restrictions, we can only gather up to 15 people offline. The rest of the participants are invited to participate in the online format which is rather standard for a game jam.

ArchiJam will start with an introductory speech by Nikita Tokarev, director of the MARCH School of Architecture, and kick-off lectures by the game designers, Paolo Pedercini (Molleindustria) and Anton Podakin (Scream School). The event will be moderated by co-curators of Open, Dasha Nasonova and Liza Dorrer.

Open, the Russian Federation Pavilion as part of the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale titled How will we live together?, is commissioned by Teresa Iarocci Mavica, director of the V-A-C Foundation. Curated by Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli / 2050+. With curator’s team: Erica Petrillo and Giacomo Ardesio / 2050+, Vladimir Nadein, Liza Dorrer and Dasha Nasonova.


What is the theme?

We invite participants to address the question posed by the curator of the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, Hashim Sarkis: How will we live together? A more detailed brief will be shared a week before the launch of the ArchiJam.

What is the timeline?

Call for Applications: June 17—July 2
Game Jam: July 9—July 17
Results publication: July 24

Who can enter?

Interdisciplinary teams of architects and game designers, as well as solo developers. We welcome both Russian and international teams.

Who will review the games?

All works will be reviewed by the expert panel consisting of MARCH and Scream School faculty members, invited game design experts, and the Pavilion’s curatorial team.

How will the games be reviewed?

We will pay equal attention and respect to all the works that will be created during the game jam. Therefore, we will not make a rating or choose champions. Based on the results of the expert panel discussion, a shortlist of 10-20 works will be compiled.

What will be the outcomes?

Shortlisted submissions will be individually mentioned and combined into a single narrative and published on the website as a contribution to the project Open research.


Paolo Pedercini—game developer, artist, and educator. Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, where he teaches experimental game design, creative coding, and animation. Working under the project name “Molleindustria”, he produces videogames addressing various social issues, such as environmental justice, religion, labor, and alienation.

Nikita Tokarev—director of the MARСH School of Architecture, teacher of the module “Professional Practice”. Professor of the International Academy of Architecture in Moscow. Expert of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

Anton Podakin—co-curator of the Game Design program at Scream School, leading game designer at RJ-Games.

Dasha Nasonova—co-curator of Open, architect, game designer, and founder of Adagia.

Liza Dorrer—co-curator of Open, architect and researcher in urban technology, cofounder of the Lion&Unicorn collective.

Dmitry Vesnin—independent game designer, lecturer, contributor of Open.

Partner institutions: MARCH and Scream School
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