Vladimir Nadein

Vladimir Nadein is curator and co-founder / producer of the Moscow International Experimental Film Festival (MIEFF). For the Russian Federation Pavilion, he will curate a selection of movies that will be screened on pavilionrus.com. Encompassing both feature and short movies, drawing on all-time classics as well as on a new wave of Russian cinema, Nadein’s film program deals with a broad range of topics: from isolation to segregation; from escapism to nostalgia, intimacy and retreat.

Each movie featured in the program investigates different societal “zones” from the perspective of the communities that inhabit them, and speaks of how alternative ideas of collectivity can emerge in a compartmentalized society. The film program, titled Other Zones, will kick off at the beginning of May, and will continue with bi-weekly releases until November. Each online screening will be accompanied by a brief introduction by Nadein in conversation with a few invited guests.

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